výuka islandštiny

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Re: výuka islandštiny

Příspěvek od Svava » úte 02. srp 2016 8:10:15

Dobrý den! I am a 29 year old Icelander living in Prague. I study part-time at the University of Iceland and I am very excited to teach you how to speak and write Icelandic. Teaching can be done in person, via Skype or even through email. I would construct the lessons in a way that would most benefit your needs and wishes.
Please contact me for further details at svava.hh@gmail.com .

Ég hlakka til að heyra í ykkur! (I look forward to hearing from you (plural))! ;)

Naposledy oživil Anonymous v úte 02. srp 2016 8:10:15